I am an old age, all age woman,

no way past my use-by date.

Walking in ancestral women’s footsteps

I am an archive on legs


The ‘Older Women Rock!’ Crowdfunder goes live on 2 January 2017.

The project is growing really fast in terms of ambition and scope and I am looking to raise an additional £3,000 to 1] ensure the success of the pilot, so that ‘OIder Women Rock!’ will be able to tour nationally and 2] make a film documenting the process from making to exhibiting.

Donations will –

enable the making of a 30-minute documentary film of the project, that will provide an alternative and positive representation of older women. The film will feature women diverse in terms of race and class, including the Ealing Deaf Women’s Group and women in prison. It will be shown through social media and international women’s film festivals and allow ‘Older Women Rock!’ ideas and  conversations to be shared widely

cover the cost of  making five more pieces of poetry clothing

cover the cost of an interpreter to involve local older Nepalese women in the pilot project

I am a time traveller, alive to life

I embody time, provide testimony,

me, I’m a radical, lyrical, womanist legacy,

women’s blood memory speaks in me

Leah’s found poem from ‘Out of Time’ by Lynne Segal and ‘How to Age’ by Anne Karpf