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Thank you to everyone who has donated in the first two days of the Crowdfunder. I’m loving the messages I’m receiving alongside the financial support. In fact the connections I’m having with each of you is so much part of growing ‘Older Women Rock!’.

I was on the computer for most of yesterday trying to fathom the intricacies of linking ‘socials’ and getting my head round the Crowdfunder and what kept me going was the show of interest in the project and the relationships that are forming already. I received an offer from singer/songwriter Jude Adams to perform at the Poetry & Music gig on 3rd March. And last night, when I was typed-out, I heard from Harriet Walters about her book ‘Facing It: Reflections on Images of Older Women’, which reminded me what the work is all about.

And then there’s the actual making of the artwork. A group of us are getting ready to work on a wedding dress, embroidering and printing on it words from one of my poem –

Nowadays we’re sold sexploitation

and feminisms of choice

in the guise of liberation.

Nowadays, liberation is distorted

into fifty shades of grey

and what was once hard-core porn

is now matter-of-fact everyday


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