older women & the beauty industry

An amazing embroidery by Allie Lee of the Profanity Embroidery Group interpreting my poem, ‘cream’


The beauty industry screams Buy This Cream.

Stay Young, Be Happy, perpetual happiness

by virtue of a billion pound industry

that drip drip feeds the need for chemical warfare,

for cosmeceutical skin care to hydrate,

replenish, regenerate. Got taut, tight skin?

You’re in. Got ticking clocks? Botox  Detox.

Resist signs of ageing at all cost.

Stop. Reverse. Hide. Slo mo. Smooth your skin ego.

Feel the urge for a youth surge?

Want a victory of science over time?

Want to reignite your youthful light?

Deny age. Defy age. Youthful looking eyes are in sight

with caprylic triglyceride. Uplift with palmotoyl oligopeptide.

You’re in control with phenoxyethanol.

Replump with sodium phytate. No. Retaliate, fight age hate.

It’s a diabolical conspiracy for women to age agelessly,

line-, scar-, blemish-, crease-free.

I refuse to let the forever-young drug

                       erase the handwriting of life across my face

inspired by  ‘Out of Time’ by Lynne Segal, ‘How to Age’ by Anne Karpf and Boots beauty counter


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