lines are one sign I’ve survived


Felt & embroidery artist Jan Lewis of the Profanity Embroidery Group interprets my poem, ‘lines’ –

Lines come from frowning, from genes of course,

from antidepressants and from divorce, from

free radicals, from rays of the sun, from sleeping

on your face and going for a run, drinking from

a bottle repetitively, from diet and pollution and

chewing gum excessively, from denying age-defying

cream, from smiling, from squinting, from inhaling

nicotine, from alcohol [in excess], from drugs,

from grumbling and from too little sex. Yet lines

are one sign I’ve survived. My lines equal ageing.

Anti-ageing equals anti-life. My lines will go, the moment I die


STOP PRESS ‘Older Women Rock!’ has been flagged up as one of ‘the best literature projects with older adults’

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