‘Older Women Rock!’ knits…


Local knitting artist Tatty Bunting on her way to Wilko to set up a display of two dresses made from Wilko wool and adorned with words from  an ‘Older Women Rock!’ group poem –

‘ The power of an older woman

is a paperclip, holding all together.

It is a rebellious piece of jewellery,

a box of coloured feathers

waiting for a moment to flash out.

The power of an older woman

is stamped through her

as certainly as the name of a seaside resort

through a stick of rock ‘

Tatty went on to lead a well-received ‘Arm & Finger Knitting’ workshop in Dance Easy

‘Arm knitting was lots of fun. I met some lovely older women, I enjoyed the music. We definitely rocked!’  Pam


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